We are Not Your Typical Internet Provider

Building a Carrier Class network that is secure and scalable for the future.

All About Our Customers

Our Mission is to deliver Internet services to Residents and Businesses of all sizes.  Whether your a Healthcare provider, Retail Store or Automotive Manufacturer, we provide you with unmatched service.

At Gigabit Communications, our story is simple. We were Engineers for a National Carrier for many years, but knew there was a better way to get connected. Having built our Network from the ground up utilitzing the best in Fiber and Wireless, we are a Value Provider giving you and Internet experience like no one else.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched Speed

Locally Owned

Money Back Guarantee

Keeping People Connected Is What We Do

Having a stable and reliable Internet Connection is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With more people working from Home now than ever, you need a connection that wont fail you and give you top speeds. We are connecting more and more people everyday to Better Internet. Let us help you get Connected today!

Meet our Leadership

Alex Ochoa – CEO

As CEO and Founder of Gigabit Communications, his experience and technical ability have enabled him to help customers across the state of Texas and the Greater United States.

Wes Velez – CTO

Coming from both the Business Enterprise and a National Carrier, Wes is able to help customers not only with continuity but extensive knowledge and know how on products and solutions.

Lorenzo Ochoa - CI Director

Lorenzo’s 40 years of extensive Electrical and HVAC experience with roles in the Medical, Educational, and Technology sector has helped customers across the state with their most complex projects.